Fontawesome icon not displaying in other machin


I used Fontawesome 4.7 and generated with HTML files.It’s working fine in my local system, same file has been shared with my colleagues but he opened his system but all icons are looks like box’s. Could you please someone help me.

Have you configured the webfont for the prototype? You’ll need to use the webfont so that people who don’t have that font installed can get it from the web.

Go to Publish - Generate HTML FIles - Web Fonts. You’ll need to add a web font mapping for FontAwesome:

Here’s the string for the CSS file:

Thank you for your response. Yes, I have placed css link in tab.attached screenshot.

Make sure the “Name” matches exactly what is displayed in the font Menu… I think it may be case sensitive.

Corrected name as per Axure library but still not displaying icons. I don’t see any font folder or Fontawesome css file in css folder.

That’s as far as I can take you. You can confirm when you see it that it’s using the webfont instead of a local file by going into Chrome dev tools and looking at the rendered font at the bottom of the “computed” tab:

it should show “Network Resource”. If it’s showing “Local File” you know you’re not doing the webfont correctly. I do know some browser settings can prevent a user from downloading web fonts and that may be the issue.

Yes, your correct. It’s loading from local file. attached screen shot. I don’t know where i did wrong.

And also, I m getting this error as well…

Thank you for your quick response.I have updated again this css link…“”. Earlier, I used 4.7. Not it is 4.7.0.
Now it should show “Network Resource”. see this screen shot. Let me check other machine and come back.

Sorry, I didn’t look closely at your URL to notice you were missing a character. But I think you should be good now!

Thank you once again. It’s working fine now.