Fonts behaving differently on mobile / adapative screens


I have found a strange bug in Axure RP 9 with regards to fonts. if a text block has mixed font styles i.e. bolded words, when its rendered it doesnt always honor wha you have set. See below:

The pound sign was set to Proxima Nova Bold - and on desktop it renders perfectly.

However when I change the adaptive screen it changed Font altogether to Proxima Nova Light, but I gave it no instruction to do so.

And it doesnt want to change the font to bold - so I am now having to resort to converting to images and fonts and font styles are not being adhered to.

Any suggestions?

Hmm, do you happen to have the mixed font style widget in a master that is placed on the adaptive page? There’s a bug that we’re currently looking at where having a mixed font widget in a master and placing it on a page with adaptive views causes the widget to not render all of the mixed styles that are applied to it, so this would help to confirm if that’s the same bug or if you’re reaching it via other means. The workaround for this issue currently is to separate the differently styled text elements into their own widget, so there’s no longer mixed styling in the same widget. Does that do the trick for you currently?

Come to think of it this does seem to happen inside dynamic content widgets. So for example I have a couple of labels inside the widget. Each label has a different font style. The bold labels seem to change to “Light” version of the font when changing to an adaptive screen although in the editor this was set to bold.

I am using Proxima Nova if that helps at all.

Here you can see the example:

When it renders it seems to change to the light version of the font (there is no mappings setup that could affect this). When I actually inspect the element in the browser it shows a different font than what I selected.


Thank you for that! Hmm, I don’t have Proxima Nova currently available, however in a quick test I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing (two label widgets inside of a dynamic panel placed on an adaptive page). If possible, are you able to attach the file with the issue or a sample file that demonstrates it either here or email it to This will help to verify if we missed a step while testing to ensure we filed the correct steps with QA. Thank you!

test.rp (151.5 KB)

Here is the attached extract.

Thank you! I was able to reproduce the issue on our end and have filed a ticket with QA for further investigation. In the meantime, while testing out your file it looks like a potential (not ideal) workaround to help the font render correctly in the adaptive views on your page would be to break away the master on the page after you’ve placed it; this removes the master+master views factor which takes the widgets out of the scenario in which the bug occurs. Hopefully that helps a bit!

Okay great! I can work with that work around for now - its better than converting the text into images.
Will try that for the meantime.

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Some news here?
I have the same issue… my master converts font style normal to bold in adaptive view. :confused:

No fix yet for this one, but it’s being investigated by QA! Additional details have been uncovered though that should help to plan around the issue for now; for this bug specifically, it looks like if you have font mapping applied it won’t apply to the font in masters used in a child adaptive view. Hopefully the workaround above helps, and we’ll keep investigating in the meantime!

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