Force dropdown to open

Is it possible to force a dropdown to open through an interaction? Long story short, I have a hotspot on top of a widget that looks like a dropdown. I’d like to be able to click on that hotspot and then show the real dropdown with it open. Thanks in advance.

Fake it like this?

Source: OpenDropdown.rp (68.3 KB)

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I’ll preface this by saying I am not a HTML/Javascript master, so there is always a chance someone knows more than me.

Unfortunately, the short answer is, “No.” I wanted to do something like this a while back and everything I found basically says it’s not possible at all, even with raw HTML/Javascript let alone through a utility like Axure.

I think your best bet is to fake it like @MurrayEaton suggestion.

That, and hope you’re not developing a web application…{chuckle}

Thanks @MurrayEaton faking the interaction works nicely.