Forcing mouse pointer style to remain "default" with OnMouseEnter

Hi, everybody.

I’m working in a prototype in which I need the cursor style to remain default when hovering over a widget with an OnClick interaction set on it.

I tried using the following JS code with an OnMouseEnter interaction but it keeps switching the cursor style to pointer.

javascript: $(’[data-label=“btnNewCustomer”]’).css(‘cursor’, ‘default, auto’); throw new Error();

Is there anything wrong with this code? is there any other method of doing so?

Thanks in advance.

Hi designerd,

While using external code goes outside the expertise of our help desk, I was able to get this working with Philippe’s post here:

$('[data-label*="cursorMove"]').css('cursor', 'move'); 

That is, replace “cursorMove” with the name of your widget and “move” with “default”, to keep the cursor to default when hovering over the widget with the OnClick interaction.

I’ve attached an example file to demonstrate this. Hope it helps!

CustomCursor.rp (130.4 KB)