Form + Repeater


Is it possible to stop the repeater from repeating the ‘item’!!! :smiley:

I am prototyping a form that adds a new user or searches for a user (as shown in the screenshot). I have used a repeater because with repeaters I can dynamically add users to the dataset, as well as filter the dataset to return the information of a particular user. Also, the repeater is adaptive, which is something I am interested in while creating adaptive views.

The problem is that I do not want to ‘repeat’ all the users in the dataset on the screen. This probably defeats the the purpose of a repeater, but there may be a work around it. I only want to use the dynamic adding and filtering capabilities of the repeater without displaying all the users on the screen.

Hoping to stop the repeater’s repeating behavior, I have not associated the text fields in the form with the dataset, and I have deleted the loading action under the onLoadEvent, but the ‘item’ is still repeated twice (since I currently have two users in the dataset).


Can someone advice please.

Can you post your RP file here?