Future of Axure RP 10 and beyond?!


Like many, I have been a long-time Axure user (2006). Sure, there’s been bugs and such along the way, but the product is solid and does what I need it to. I love it and I have stuck with Axure for too many reasons to list.
Unfortunately, the subscription model is a deal breaker for me and I won’t be upgrading. It’s simply cost prohibitive over time. My feeling is that interaction / ux designers should be able to afford this as independents and I also feel that subscriptions are catered to corporations who can expense the monthly cost. That said, subscription options also support needs where there’s high turn-over and / or no commitment needed. So subscriptions have a place, but I don’t know how elimination of perpetual licensing supports the dedicated, long term professionals who have invested so much into using Axure for their work.
I don’t expect to never have to pay for upgrades etc. and I want Axure to be successful. However the subscription-only model introduced with 10 would increase my cost enormously and I can’t help feeling I’m being hit with a ‘loyalty tax’. This decision by Axure will unfortunately ‘phase out’ the dedicated, long-term users like myself. We’re some of the best proponents of sharing our love of Axure and what it can do. Pushing us off the platform will not help and envokes the phrase “Cutting off the nose to spite the face”.
C’mon Axure. You’ve got an amazing product. Why can’t you keep a perpetual license key option to keep the die-hards like me?