Generate prototype - sitemap folders collapsed vs. expanded

Does anyone know if there is way to control the default display of folders within the sitemap navigation? From what I can tell, it defaults to expanded and then you manually have to collapse each one accordingly. Did a miss a setting somewhere or am just not getting the obvious?


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I’m also looking for an answer on this one. With all the folder expanded by default, it’s very hard to scan.

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I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to collapse folders in the sitemap when you generate. We’ve had several requests for this feature and we’ll be keeping it in mind! For now, I recommend using the “search” function in the sitemap as a workaround to finding the right page.

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I’d like to see this feature. It would be most ideal if the exported site map resembled the exact folder open/collapse structure as shown in Axure itself.


I too would find this feature really useful.

We keep archived older versions of pages and sections of the prototype in sub-folders. When the client opens the prototype and all the folders are expanded by they get disoriented. It would be so much better if the initial tree state on reflected what is in the prototype in the desktop application.


Would love to see this too.

Not tried this, but could be useful:

Collapsing sitemap on Axshare by default using plugins

Unfortunately that plug-in did NOT work for me …still seeing the sitemap published as fully expanded.

Axure it’s been 2 years now …time to move this feature up in priority! :wink:

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This feature is needed! :slight_smile:

+1 for this feature please!

Bump - definitely need this.

+1 for sitemap folders collapsed - this feature is well overdue - Raised in 2014 and still not in, is it difficult to implement? is there a voting system to prioritize feature requests?

I’d be down with that. Obviously some popular requests may not be possible but it would certainly give a really good view of how Axure is being used and its shortfalls.

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Hi all,

I’ve forwarded these requests to our product management team to let them know that desire for this functionality is still going strong. Rest assured that all feature requests that come up in the forums and other channels get filed and are considered as part of our roadmap and strategy. While there may not be a feature request voting system per se, we do keep track of how often things get requested and take that frequency into consideration.

With regard to this particular feature request, check out nkrisc’s post here for a fairly simple and straightforward JavaScript workaround.

  • 1 for this feature!

Quick hack to get all folders in the sitemap to collapse:

Add case > OnPageLoad

Links > Open Link > Link to external URL or file

javascript:void(window.parent.jQuery.fn.reverse = [].reverse); void(window.parent.$('.sitemapMinus').reverse().each(function(){}));


Can you explain how to add the “open” “onpageload” case? When I go into add a condition to the case I can’t figure out how to specify “Open” as shown in your screenshot.

Figured it out, use “Open Link”, select “Link to an external url or file”, paste javascript into “Hyperlink” field.

Thanks! Works great!

You’re welcome. Have updated the screenshot and instructions to be a bit clearer.

So this is working for me, but I’d like to modify so it closes all folders except the folder holding the wireframe I’m looking at currently.

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