Generating HTML files to network drive is slow

Hi there, I’m experiencing a very slow publishing of the HTML files to a network drive. The axure application is always not responding after clicking on the “Generate” button: image
It takes approx. 45s before it responds and begins with the upload.

Is there a way how I can solve this (connection?) problem? The network address entered in the destination folder looks like like this: \… (Sharepoint)
Moving files to the server via file explorer works fast.

Regards, Enrico

Are there any suggestions?

Best, Enrico

Hello there

It’s strange that there are no similar experiences out there …??
I tried with another location than sharepoint but it’s the same annoying “Progress (not responding)” (Now for minutes… while working from home) It’s unusable… :unamused:

Cheers, Enrico

I recommend contacting with a detailed description of your issue, whatever testing you’ve done, the configuration of your server, transfer protocols, etc. Best to include a server admin on your side. in the past, Axure support has been very responsive and successful in working with similar issues (wish I could say the same for my IT folks, :roll_eyes:)

Yes, I’ve seen similar lag and speed issues with trying to upload prototypes to Sharepoint or other network servers, both from the Axure editor and in file explorer. I’ve found that common network file transfer protocols, especially WebDAV, (at least on Windows) get progressively slower with the number of files being transferred. Typically, prototypes will have hundreds or thousands of individual files (just publish one locally and see how many files it generates.) If I zip them all into one file, I can upload it to a corporate-internal server or cloud fileshare quickly. However, if I directly upload the unzipped HTML folder with all its subfolders and files it takes a lot longer–in some cases several magnitudes longer; hours instead of seconds.

Axure’s solution for this is Axure Cloud for Business and Axure Cloud for Business On-Premises. My workgroup purchased the latter and it’s been working well.

Thank you very much for your recommendation and the confirmation that I’m not the only one that has experienced this. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will try to contact the axure support and give them details that I can find out.