Get all changes from team directory,then my new files in local missed

I have a team project, I created some new pages in local, but after I get all changes from team directory , my new pages missed. How can I get these pages back.

Hope someone could helo me! Thanks very much!

Hmm how odd; are the pages completely gone from the pages pane after you get all changes? If this is Axure RP 8, then is the team project hosted on Axure Cloud or over SVN? If you’re able to share more details about your OS, your build of Axure RP, and the exact steps you take to reproduce the issue then that would help to investigate. Meanwhile, if you recently lost the pages then I’d recommend going to “File > Recover File from Backup” to browse to an earlier version of the file where you last had those pages intact. By default Axure RP autosaves a backup of your file every 15 minutes, so hopefully it saved one that included those now missing pages. Once you find the backup, you can export it and then use “File > Import from RP File” to import those missing pages from your backup into your team project local copy. Hopefully that helps!

Thanks very much. I had got the panges from earlier version. Recover File from Backupda.

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