Get Team Project lists only files created by me, not created by all Team Authors


How can I get all files that created by all Team Members?


For those who are following along at home, caolei submitted their question to and our team identified the issue. The project in question turned out to not be a team project, which was why it wasn’t listed in the “Get Team Project” dialog. In Axure Cloud you can distinguish between regular RP files and team project files by the icons; team projects have a user icon with a “+” next to them:


If you find yourself running into a similar issue please check that the project that you’re trying to retrieve is a valid team project, the project is in a shared workspace that you have Author access to, and that the team project was made in the same version of Axure RP that you’re working with.

If anyone else runs into issues please feel free to reach out to :slight_smile:

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