Getting Axure 9 to work like 8

My god, what have you guys done to the app? It is so complicated to use. Everything is taking so much more time to perform simple actions. Stop with the flat design and hiding common actions. I have used Axure for years. This is the first version that wasn’t an improvement on the last…

Yes, this a rant. Is there any way of getting it to work is it did in 8?


I strongly agree with you !!!

Even though you are telling the truth,we have to get used to Axure9. Here are some tips transfer from Axure8 to 9: Hope it helps!

I feel the same. Dynamic panels and Interactions required more clicks and confusing. I am spending more time in figuring out how to make it work than my actual work. Hopefully I might get used to it after sometime.


I agree. The new UI is a disaster. The interactions panel is especially frustrating. It is a mess of arbitrary colors and labels with no clear hierarchy and it takes up 3x the space of the RP8 interactions panel. I’m sticking with RP8 for the foreseeable future.

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Try doing this, because I find I work much more quickly in this mode. To me this feels very similar to Axure 8.

Upon creating your first command, double-click it. The dialog below will pop up. Then do all of your work inside of it. You can do anything in this dialog that you can in the other UI, but barely anything is hidden or hard to see. (You still have to mouse-over to see the button that adds a condition, but you’ll get used to that pretty quickly.)

In fact, I usually create a dummy command as quickly as possible in the other UI and delete it once I have this dialog up.


Oh! Look at this! The tiny button at the bottom of the interactions pane goes straight to this dialog, so no dummy command needed.