Getting back to specific page in questionnaire with link in Axure project

Hi all,

I have the following problem: I made a survey (Unipark). In this survey I want to insert a link to the Axure project. However, after the particpant has clicked the link and looked at the website I created I want the participant to go back to the survey. I know that this works by inserting the link of the survey in the Axure project. However, the participant then goes back to page 1 in the survey and I want the participant to go back to page 3, where he/she has to answer questions about the website.

How can I achieve this? Maybe use the “Redirect” function in Axure?

I am looking forward to your help!

I’m not sure I understand the issue here…

It sounds like your survey is not an Axure prototype, but something you created with another tool or site. …and “the website” you created is an Axure prototype, correct? …And you are able to link from Axure to the external survey site, as well as link from the survey site to your Axure prototype. Sounds like things work, you just need to find out the URL for all your survey pages on whatever website/server/service you are using to host the survey. That’s really nothing to do with Axure or your prototype, per se …unless I’m not understanding something here.

If you need to get the URL of your Axure prototype–in general, if you preview, publish locally, on Axure Cloud, or on your own server, you can just copy the URL shown on your page 3 in the browser. You can set up the prototype player to look how you want it–e.g., hide or collapse the Pages pane on the left, show the Notes pane on right, set the scale, etc., then copy the URL (note how URL parameters change when you change the prototype player view.)

If you want to directly call a page without the prototype player, you can link to its html file. Axure page names get transformed to lowercase, with spaces replaced with underscores. Look at the end of any prototype URL and you’ll see the page name…

You will need to find the URL for the “page 3” of your survey, wherever it is hosted on the web. If the URL is not shown or directly accessible, you may need to consult the support or admin for that survey hosting service. Typically though, you can copy the URL from the browser’s location field for whatever page you have open and paste that URL in the “external link” field in the Open Link action in your Axure prototype.

If your prototype is published to Axure Cloud, you can use the Pretty URL and/or Redirect features to help with links to the prototype, but not out to other websites. Here is the documentation: