Getting close to recommending deprecating Axure at my company


I don’t know how life is working with Axure for other people, but I am getting really tired of the “oh-crap-everything’s-broken” way of working with Axure.

Because the event handling model is so unpredictable, you can be really close to finishing a simple prototype, and then all of a sudden, objects aren’t showing/hiding properly - for no logical reason - or some other bug of weird behaviour starts creeping in, but you have to sweep it under the carpet 'cos you gotta finish before tomorrow etc. etc. or else you’ve got to stay up for a few hours to fix something that seemed 99% finished.

It’s just too stressful. I can’t keep working with a tool wherein my project develops some kind of illness just when I’m ready to pack up for the day. Life’s too short for that kind of stress.

Anyway - apologies for the rant, but I think it’s important that Axure (as a company) gets to hear about these kinds of frustrations.


I hear you. This is why I still use Axure 8. The last two times I used Axure 9 I ran into a bug with no workaround, and had to start over in Axure 8, where the same code worked fine. (One has since been fixed, another has not.)

I hope Axure 10 will have fewer bugs.


I haven’t experienced bugs like the ones you describe in Axure (9) - as far as I can remember, at least. For almost a year now, I have worked in UXPin in order to collaborate better with the more visual designers yet with prototyping capabilities. UXPin suffers a lot from problems like the one you’ve experienced in Axure though; things work, and then they don’t, for no apparent reason - and at the same time UXPin lacks a lot of the stuff I take for granted in Axure. Other tools might be even better, but I have yet to find one, though.

For me, apart form just working and being stable, Axure should improve on basic visual design stuff to lower the threshold for the graphic designers around (precision, shortcut keys etc), include support for design systems, online documentation (but perhaps snapshots can be used for that), and be more open instead of trying to keep everything in the “axure domain” of things. (Performance is another problem with Axure, but UXPin also suffers from that when things become equally complex.)

I feel Axure is the better prototyping tool, but that ain’t worth much if it means creating the same design twice in order to collaborate with others in a project.


Got you bro [manual hug] Axure 9 still has some bugs.

Contantly, I may come across with problem like: two buttons was assigned the same interaction event(command + c and then command + v).However, when you click the first button , it works well while the other breaks down… This is really exhausting.

Long live Axure 8.


Go and testdrive Axure RP 10
They have listend to you except for the support for design systems
Its something they are still working on


Hello everyone, I confirm what you said, Axure has bugs since, I have been using Axure since version 8, and I noticed more bugs in version 9, but you should know that there are standards to respect in Axure, we can’t do everything anyhow in the design, which also creates bugs in our prototypes, I’m not saying that Axure has no bugs, but we also have to adapt to the software, for example, in Axure when you try to stack several dynamic panels in the same panel, it automatically creates bugs which melts that you will not be able to click on a button for example.

In short, adapting to the software has allowed me to no longer encounter any bugs during my designs, today I use version 10.


This and so many other reasons, like the lack of robust auto-layout and component overrides for example, place Axure so far behind other design tools that its nearly impossible to justify persisting with it.