Getting Error when trying to open RP files

When I download and load RP files (example files from Axure or you folks), I get the following error:


Note: I am using a fully licensed RP Team Edition 8.1.

It doesn’t make any sense when it says that I can’t open a file that was created in 8.0 when I using 8.1!


Check if you also have Axure RP7 installed. To me, it looks like Axure RP7 is launching and reporting this error (that is the logo used for Axure RP7). You might need to either uninstall RP7 or go into your OS settings to make Axure RP8 the default application associated with .rp and .rpprj files.

If this doesn’t fix it, send an email to and they should be able to help.

Thank you. That simple fix did the trick!

I deleted the old version.