Getting rid off unused variables



Does Axure have a tool or a way of telling if any variable is not used, so I can delete it.
Does Axure have a way of showing us where a variable is used


Good call - the ‘Usage report’ for masters scratches the surface of this kind of functionality. Being able to purge a project of unused variables and masters would be useful.



As Mike’s reply implies, Axure RP doesn’t currently include a ‘usage report’ for global variables. I agree that this would be useful to have, though, and I’ve submitted a feature request for it to our product management team for consideration. I can see how a ‘delete all unused’ sort of feature would be handy as well, so I’ve submitted that too.


Hi Anthony - Can you provide an update on this feature request? Thanks!


Hi phelpsb,

There hasn’t been news on this one. I’ll be updating our product team about this thread topic so we can still evaluate it for a future release. TY!


Sure would be handy. Project bloat is tough to manage at times with complicated prototypes.