Global Guides Adaptive Views


I’m wondering why the Global Guides don’t work on on the second and third Adaptive View pages?


So you have to create Global Guides for each view (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) when using Adaptive views and the ‘Create Guides’ dialogue box doesn’t have a total width option to make creating guides easier?
Am I missing something? Seems like a clunky process for the user…

Hi Mike,

That’s correct—each adaptive view maintains its own set of global guides, so you need to set up guides for each view individually. I can definitely see how useful it would be to have a “total width” field, and I’ll let our product management team know that you’d like to see something like this implemented in the future.

Thanks Anthony,

I think there are a number of ways the Create Guides dialogue could be improved for better usability.

Using Sketch as a good example:

  • A live visual preview helps one creating guides and is much easier than calculating numbers in your head
  • The parameters are all there, Total Width, Columns, Gutter etc, and they change dynamically when one parameter is changed, to remain within the Total Width.

In Axure there is a lot of guesswork, and calculating to figure out a guide layout, and you can only preview when finished. If you get it wrong, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to ‘Edit’ your guides, you must delete them and start again. This can become a very long and frustrating process.

The Preset Guide templates are good, but you need some for Mobile and Tablet views.


Hi Anthony. One of the main use-cases for guides is checking alignment across views.

I think we may possibly need a new type of guide for AV - same page, across views.

That would give us:

  • normal guides: single page, single view
  • global guides: a single view in every page (as now)
  • global view guide: every page, every view

As is, I’m wasting a lot of time checking x/ys.


Hi Mike and OtherMeans,

Thank you for your detailed suggestions and descriptions of use cases–I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to our PM team as well. Axure RP 9 is currently in development and these types of features will likely be evaluated for the upcoming release, so please let us know if there are any other features you’d like to see!