Global Search with Repeater

I know and have done a filter via input field, but I am wondering is it possible to have an input field that applies a filter in a repeater across all columns? Basically I am try to see if any cell contains


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Yes, you can chain together multiple evaluations using the || (OR) operator. So you would use a local variable get your search term from your text field widget, then use a multi-OR filter to check each repeater data item for the search term.

Example searching across three columns:

[[Item.ContactName.toLowerCase().indexOf(EnteredText.toLowerCase())>=0 || Item.Email.toLowerCase().indexOf(EnteredText.toLowerCase())>=0 || Item.Location.toLowerCase().indexOf(EnteredText.toLowerCase())>=0]]

Breaking this down, this is taking the input (EnteredText, which is an LVAR on the text field) and comparing it to each item in the repeater row (ContactName, Email, Location). The .toLowerCase function is taking both the search input and the repeater items and putting them in the same case so they can be matched.

The >=0 is saying, essentially, ‘if there’s an instance of this string, show this row’.

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