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Before posting here I tried for hours …! Only got a basic knowledge of coding so not sure how Axure’s mind is working. Watched the tutorials on axure docs but cant seem to suss out how to relate to what I want: When the user presses CORRECT , the blue panel shows; when the user presses the INCORRECT (There will be one of 3 incorrects but wanted to start with one), the teal panel shows.

Would be so grateful for help.

Best to you all in any case

On page 2, you need to do something with the variables. So you’ll need to use a Page Load interaction to check the status of the variables and then switch the dynamic panel to the appropriate state. You can use conditional logic to do this.

If you’re still having trouble, please post your RP file so other users can help.

Hi Dave

Thanks so much for helping and what you said makes sense but I must be missing something… Totally confused what to put where . File attahed but no proper links they only would show latest one of loads of ways i got it wrong…

TestDynamicPanel.rp (56.5 KB)

Thanks again !

Having looked at your file, I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve here. If all you want to do is change the colour of a panel on a second page, you can do this with selected states, triggered by a global variable. There are many different ways to achieve something like this, not all of which require dynamic panels.

I’d recommend working through Axure’s training files to get to grips with variables and how to pass them back and forward. Or if you can provide a little more context, perhaps users can suggest an alternative approach.

Hi, here you go.

A few things to note:

  1. I grouped the buttons on Page 1 - this allows you to have one interaction regardless of whether they click on the rectangle shape, or the text that sits on the rectangle. They’re both separate widgets, so could have separate interactions if you wanted, but by grouping them you can apply the interaction to the group.
  2. Clicking a button on Page 1 does two things: it sets your OnLoadVariable to either “Correct” or “Incorrect”, and then it loads Page 2
  3. On Page 2, I added a new state to the dynamic panel which is empty, otherwise you could have one of the States flash up before it goes to the state it should be
  4. There is a simple Case interaction on the page, which reads the OnLoadVariable and sets the appropriate panel State. You can add a new Case for each additonal state you’re going to add.


TestDynamicPanel.rp (59.6 KB)

[SOLVED!] Hi Matt
Just got back home and straight to computer…IT WORKS!! Thank you a thousand times!

Will go through more of the tutorials on Axure and hopefully start to figure things out.

This was really very kind of you to take the trouble to do this. My email is if ever you are involved in charity work I would like to make a donation.

Best to you and thanks again :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

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