Global Variable Image

Hi everyone,

I’m having some difficulty in converting a ’ chosen image’ on page page to another page.

Basically, when you ‘sign up’ to the app, you choose one of three images (for prototype purposes) and then on the next page, when your set up, your image (the one you chose) will be displayed.

I have tried several different things, but nothing seems to be working,

Any help on this would be great.

I have attached the RP file for viewing.

All the best,

TazMyConnect2.rp (1.1 MB)


In the OnClick where you set the image on “letsgetstarted” page, also set a global variable to the name, in this case, imagechosen:

Then, on any page where you want the chosen image to come up, copy your PICTURE DP dynamic panel to it and give it the following code:

You’ll need to chose “Value” from the “Select state” dropdown rather than picking a specific state. (Value is way at the bottom of the dropdown):

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THANK YOU SO MUCH this has been super helpful for me! It’s working! Woohoo!