Dear Axure Team,

I’m having some difficulty in displaying a “photo” from Page 1 to Page 2 in my prototype.

When I choose the hot spot in which the photo and text are inside of that, I can only display the “service_name” and “service_price” in the next page. But, the “photo” is always failed to be loaded in the next page.

I have tried several different things, but nothing seems to be working,

Any help on this would be great.

I have attached the RP file for viewing.

All the best,

Trial.rp (276.9 KB)

In your hotspots’ Click or Tap event, you have this code to handle the photo:

You only have one state in each dynamic panel on Page 1, and in each instance the name of that state is “State 1”. So, that is what the global variable, “photo” gets set to when the hotspot is clicked.

Then, on Page 2, you have a dynamic panel with a state for each of your possible photos, and a Loaded event with `Set Panel State This to [[photo]]. However, none of the states are named “State 1” so the dynamic panel never changes states.

In the updated .rp file below, I copied the name of each state from Page 2 to the associated dynamic panel state name in Page 1.

Trial.rp (277.0 KB)