Global variables passed via URL

can you please put back the ability of Axure RP9 to read and manipulate global variables via the URL?

the functionality was present in RP8 and it was hugely helpful: it allowed to generate a URL with a specific prototype behaviour set by variables and onLoad conditions!!!

example here (Axure RP8): Home
will load a green button with a customised caption

will load the same button with a different colour and another caption

remove the variables completely from the URL and you will have the default status

and the conditions are simply stated onPageLoad

all of this is not possible in RP9 anymore, why?!

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I also would like to know why this feature has been removed from RP9 and more importantly, is the an intention to bring it back?

Hi, SergioGallo. It still seems to work for me in Axure 9 (see examples below). Can you share an Axure 9 example that isn’t working for you?

urlVariables.rp (43.7 KB)

Confirming that both examples (the original one and Jeff’s new one) are working for me. Also this is cool and a feature I was unaware of.

Could your browser be stripping the URL parameters?

Hi Jeff,

you are so right, id does work BUT just if you clean up the URL by the mess generated by the projector and you serve in the format

the default URL format un Axure RP9 is now

if you add the variables in that format, they are ignored

but if you clean it up they work!

weird, but good to know and thanks for solving my problem!!!

P.S.: is there a easy way to get rid of the persistent projector and have a clean link?


oh Yeah Dave,

it is a lifesaving feature: my team and I basically don’t design pages anymore but just different states of the same page (with a visible popup, without it, with a specific error message, etc.)

before we needed to create a lot of duplicate content just to simulate a simple change of status and the maintenance work required for changes was endless.

now we maintain a very limited number of “pages”


Not really. There used to be an option to truly dismiss the outer frame (not just collapse it) but if that still exists I can’t see it.

You could hide a button with an “open link in parent frame” interaction somewhere on the page you wanted to link to, pointing to itself, then navigate to the state you care about, and click it. I’m not sure if that’s much of a time-saver, though.


Publish prototype to a web server. Open a page file directly, e.g., page_1.html and append your URL hashes.

You’re welcome.


what do you exactly mean by “open your page directly”?

I just meant using an individual page’s URL vs start.html or index.html, which have a frameset, loading the prototype’s pages in the right frame. When you publish your prototype locally, each page gets its own HTML file, and you can load that, as in .–But this is basically what you show in your last link:

Maybe I should have asked you first, what you mean by “persistent projector” and “clean link”

What are the steps to append global variables (or any parameters) to the axure url?