Global variables working on desktop but not mobile

I have a head scratcher problem that is driving me insane and I think it might be a bug:

For the first page of a prototype, I let the users configure it. There are two radio buttons that configure what type of device the prototype is supposed to react to. If one is selected, eg variable deviceType = true, if the other, deviceType = false. Then the rest of the prototype reacts to the value of this variable.

The problem is, it is working perfectly on the desktop. When I go to mobile, it just doesn’t hold the variable value, always performing as it is “false”.

I thought it was the Safari cache (I’m using iPhone), but I reset that and the problem persists. It is not working on mobile or the Axure Cloud app.

Any help is highly appreciated; this is impeding me to properly user test the prototype…

Ok, found out the problem. It wasn’t actually the variables that weren’t working but the event itself. I was using the “Click or tap” event on the radio button, and for some weird reason this just doesn’t work on mobile devices (at least on the iPhone). I switched to the “selected” event and now it is taking into account the actions following it.

@Axure, this is a bug.

Hi guzforster!

It sounds like you ran into a known issue where click or tap events on radio buttons do not toggle the button’s selected state on mobile devices. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to our filed report on this issue regarding your experience. I’m glad to hear that using the selected event instead is working as a workaround as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :slight_smile:

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