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Is there a way to go to pages dynamically?
I got a lot of pages and would love to be able to open pages dynamically from text on button. Is this possible?
For example: Page A is called Flower, Page B is called Tree. On page Flower I got a button that says Tree. Open page with name of button…? :smiley:

Yes, you can do this. Two basic methods I’m aware of: (1) create a URL dynamically and open that as a “Link to external URL or file” or (2) use case conditions to test the dynamic page name and open a “Link to a page in this design”. The first is more direct and easier to set up, but does not support use of global variables. The second is more reliable and preserves global variable values.

The first thing to note is that all the page names in the HTML are lowercase, and any spaces are converted to underscores. So, a page in your Axure editor with name of, “Flower Page” would be converted to “flower_page” in the HTML. So, you’ll need to account for that when you create your dynamic page links. If you have any questions about what the actual page name is, you can inspect the browser’s URL field when you preview your prototype. It will be sandwiched between “#p=” and “&” (e.g., …/start.html#p=flower_page&g=1 ). To make it easier to see the page name, click the “Get Links” icon in the upper left pane and select “Without Sidebar” then look at everything after the last slash (e.g., /flower_page.html ).

Here is a demo showing these two methods:
Dynamic Page Links.rp (103.0 KB)

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Thanks a lot @mbc66! You put a lot of effort into explaining this to me, not to forget the flowers :slight_smile: Thank you
I’d use version (1) here. This is so simple and exactly what I need right now! Through this I learned that it is also possible to use just flower.html for example and go to the flower page easily.
Without your help I’d have set up my navigation like version (2), just with more than a houndred options or so haha
Again, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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