Going (set) to last dymic panel taht appears on preview in broweser

I Have a doubt: let as say that I have a mini top dynamic panel (inside a mobile template) with an arrow to going back, and in the midlle a bigger dynamic panel with state 1 + state 2 + state 3.
Let´s say that in brower view (preview in browser) I want to use that arrow as a back button and i’ám in state 3 and whant to see previous state, not the one in axure state list of dynamic panel of the midlle, but to the last I have seen in browser.
What I must do.
Please not that I do not understand what values or variables, but i’am trying if I must use it.
I use axure 8.0
Thanks a lot, Joao

If you only need to change the panel state to the previous one in the list of states, you can do this without variables (by using “Set Panel State MyPanel to Previous”). But, if the dynamic panel can change to any state and you want to see the most recent state, you’ll need to use a variable. Easiest to use a global variable, but you could also use the text on any widget as a “poor man’s local variable.”

Here is a quick demo using the built-in global variable, OnLoadVariable, to track the “previously viewed state”. The key thing is to capture the current state of your dynamic panel before it changes states.

dynamic panel back-to-RP8.rp (68.1 KB)

This assumes you can only go back one state. If you need to provide multiple “back” levels, it will be more complicated–but I (or others here) can help with that if you need.

Sorry for later replay: christmas time!
I will check your suggestion now.

Not very esay, because my experience is a litlle diferent: Just an arrow to go back (in my experience a magnifying glass icon inbside state one od dinamica panel “top”) that comand every state change (four different states inside dinamic panel “midlle”) and I want that those back will follows browser last view or apearence.
Tanksexp states recuo para Fábio.rp (224.1 KB)

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to do with your prototype. There is no way for the main dynamic panel to change states, so there is nothing to go back.

So, how does the user change states of “PD Middle in state 1”? How would they chose a specific state and not just next or previous?

How would the magnifying glass “command every state change” as well as going back to previously viewed state? It should be one or the other.

All that aside, I don’t see how your example is fundamentally different than what I posted.