Google map in Dynamic Panel

I’m new to Axure and I’m trying to embed a google map showing local parks into my prototype. I’ve put the code into the plugin area and matched it with the name of the Dynamic Panel but it still won’t display. I’m also not viewing it locally so that’s not the problem. Any help would be great.

Hmm in a quick test this seems to work on my end. If you copied the embed code from Google maps, created the plugin, and exactly matched the name of the dynamic panel in your file with what you put in the “Panel Name” field in your screenshot, then the next item to check would be that you’ve applied the plugin to the page(s) that has the dynamic panel with the matching name that you’re targeting.

Alternatively, to add a Google map to your prototype you can also paste the URL from the embed code into the target URL field of an inline frame widget instead of adding it as a plugin. More info on that is below:

Hopefully that helps!

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