Grouping objects breaks their interactions

Hi, i am having a problem, i can create objects that have interactions which work the way i want them too, but when i group those objects together the interactions break. I have provided an example project.
On the left is the objects and their interactions that work fine. On the right is the same objects grouped together but are broken.

When you onMouseEnter the larger rectangle, it increases it’s own size, the size of the square, and moves the square by 20, -20 px.
When you onMouseOut the larger rectangle, it decreases it’s own size, the size of the square, and moves the square by -20, 20 px.
This works fine un-grouped.

When grouped, the size Actions for both interactions work. But onMouseEnter appears to loop the Move action and slowly moves the square in one direction constantly.

groupingInteractionProblem.rp (45.1 KB)

Hi Thiedent!

Hmm, I just tested out this project’s behavior on my end, but I haven’t been able to reproduce a behavior where the grouped widgets’ Move action loops as described. To look into this issue further, could you please let me know which web browser you are using when this occurs? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hmm interesting, thanks for your reply. i am using the windows application Axure RP 9.

My mistake i misunderstood what you were asking, i am using Firefox to the view the preview.

I tested it on chrome and it works fine, seems like its a firefox only issue.

Hi Thiedent!

My apologies on the delay getting back to you, but thanks so much for sending this additional information along! I’ve tested this behavior out when previewing the project in Firefox and sure enough, the smaller grouped rectangle flew off into the distance. This behavior is unexpected, so I’ll be filing a bug report regarding this behavior shortly. While we investigate this issue further, please continue using other web browsers such as Chrome when using this interaction. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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