Groups and layers renamed when importing Sketch designs

The problem
When copy-pasting from Sketch to Axure using the plugin, Axure renames the neatly named layers and groups.

Sketch layers
• Nicely named group 1
•• Nice layer 1
• Nicely named group 2
•• Nice layer 2

What Axure imports:
• (Group)
•• (Rectangle)
• (Group)
•• (Rectangle)

Why it is important
Axure largely relies on layer names to navigate when selecting interactions. This glitch makes Sketch import pretty much useless.

Hi zkiricsiGE,

The latest version of the Axure Sketch plugin (1.0.12) should import shape/group/symbol names into RP. Could you let me know the version of the plugin you have installed? You can check this by going to “Plugins > Manage Plugins” from the Sketch menu.

Hi Jane,

Thank you for the swift reply.

Axure plugin: 1.0.12 with Sketch Version 80 (134463)
(Cannot update Sketch due to company restrictions)

This does not happen with every group all the time, happens mostly with nested groups below level 3 nesting.

Let me know if you have trouble reproducing the issue.

Thank you,

Hi Zoltan,

Hmm, I’m seeing nested groups carry over their names into RP. Here’s an example:


Axure RP:

If I’m missing a step or you’re seeing something different, could you share an example Sketch file where you’re seeing this issue? You can email the file to Thank you!