Handling multiple error messages on form validation

Hi folks! Very new to Axure and just trying to wrap my head around form validation and error handling.

I have created a simple signup form with some basic validation:

If a user submits a valid email address but the password is blank, an error slides in from the top.

If the user then tries to submit the same thing — or something new but the passwords are mismatched — I would expect an error to appear once more — but it doesn’t! I can’t get any more error messages to appear unless I refresh (or successfully complete the form and go back).

You can play with the prototype here: https://mwpea2.axshare.com

Or download the .rp here:
Form-validation-play.rp (117.7 KB)

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I figured out my problem — the final action was to HIDE the error message, so when another action was triggered it was still hidden. To remedy, I let the “hide” animation finish then changed the object state to an empty one with it’s status on Show:


Not sure if this is the best way but… it’s working for now!