Handoff HTML to developer

Usually when sharing a technical specification document with developer with changes that need to be made on a page I write step by step descriptions of these changes with colors, fonts, which copy to use, where to place, etc.

But if you create a prototype in some prototyping software (Axure/Justinmind) and export it as HTML file, then do you create some step by step descriptions of changes?

IMHO, all changes can be seen in exported HTML of a prototype. So why need to describe in details? Please share your experience on how to optimize this process with less effort for Prototyper/UX, Web-Developer, QA.

You can use the Axure Share developer handoff feature for this. I believe it’s mostly automated (in terms of providing pixel sizes, hex codes etc). You could use notes in your prototype (or sticky widgets on the prototype itself) to highlight particular things.

It’s true that a dev can get the same information by digging around in the HTML that Axure exports. However, unless you spend significant amounts of time layering, nesting and naming everything in your Axure file (and do it consistently), then it will be quite difficult for them to do so. The Cloud Inspect mode is a lot faster.


With the Cloud inspector, you don’t need to write anything. I am currently working with a front end developer and definitely Axure cloud inspector is used.

Point noted above, when designing in Axure with the view of using css, consistency is the key point

Design as a Front End developer