HELP! AYUDA! AIDE! помогать! 助けて!

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Hi! I need help, i wanna cry.
(Si sabes español, sería grandioso que nos ayudarán con una respuesta en español jiji)
Sorry if my English isn’t very good, but i genuinely need help.
We are creating a mobile app, we included a menu by using dynamic panel and components, but when I use the preview, the things under that menu, doesn’t work, I have tried a lot of things, but i just can’t figure it out to make it work. Even my teacher helped but we weren’t able to find a solution. If you can help, pleaseee help us.

Project link:

Hola @aze, can you please attach your .rp file along with a brief explanation (what widgets and on what page do not work as expected) so we can take a closer look at what’s happening? Or you can always email us at, and we’ll be happy to investigate the issue.