Help! Group of radio buttons not toggle


May I please ask if anybody could advise why group of radio buttons not toggle?

Toggle radiobuttone-question.rp (114.5 KB)


I see you’re using a selection group but not setting anything selected in any of the interactions. Take a look at the attached…

There are other ways to do this, but I tried to honor what you already had.

Toggle radiobuttone-question.rp (114.7 KB)

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Hi UXProtoTyper, Thank you so much for your amazing help and advise - it helped me enormously!
Everything works like a charm now! Truly appreciate it!

What is the actual programming on this page because I’m having a hard time figuring out the conditional logic on it.

Also, I can see it but can’t figure out how to change the button color from black to any other color.

Thanks for posting this. Awesome!

No offense is intended to Natalie as from seeing her work I’m positive she had sound reasons for each of her decisions for her application, but I wouldn’t recommend re-using this. It’s rather complicated and from my perspective would be very hard to maintain. That being said, i’ll do my best to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Generically, this works by adding an onClick event to the group. When you click the group, it sets the label within the group to its selected state. A key thing here is that each of the labels shares a selection group - so when you select one label, it automatically unselects the other labels in the group.

Then on the label itself, there are actions for onSelected and onUnselected that set the dynamic panel with the radio button states accordingly. When selected = on, when unselected = off.

Regarding the black fill - there’s a small ellipse shape in the “on” state with an interaction style applied to it that sets the color. It’s called “selectedTick1” and you’ll notice it’s selected by default with a color applied. The way this is set up you’d need to change that color on each one, or go in and apply a style to each one so you could control the style universally (which is what I’d do - but when helping someone with their file I try not to mess with too much).

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Hi UXProtoTyper,

Thank you so much for your amazing insight and advise. This has been more than useful.
In my case, I indeed had some specs/requirements that I needed to maintain :slight_smile:


Hi jmgranger1023,
Here is radio buttons in another style that you can re-use.

radio buttons.rp (638.9 KB)

I am new to Axure so I’m fumbling through. Love what it can do much more than XD which is the mode I’ve been working in. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

This is absolutely awesome!!! Thanks for posting this file. It’s outstanding!

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I have another question about this radio button situation. I wanted to unhide a list if the button is selected. I have tried several logic scripts but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how I can program this function. – If the button is pressed, options come up underneath.

If you’re using something like I shared above, you’d put an action on the “onSelected” event to show, and then put a hide event on the “onUnselected”.

Sharing your RP file would make it easier to be more specific :slight_smile:

pop-up.rp (96.2 KB)

I’d like to be able to click the yes button and have the hidden text appear but not appear if the no button is selected.

Here you go… added two actions to the existing onSelected and onUnselected events for the radio button label.


I also hid the entire group and unhid the underlying groups so the visibility could be toggled by just the group’s visibility.

pop-up (1).rp (100.2 KB)

Excellent. Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it.

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