[HELP] How can I recover a deleted workspace?


How can I recover a deleted workspace? I deleted the wrong one, now I want to recover it. Help, please.


If you’ve lost your work, then that sucks.

If there was any justice in the world, it would be fundamentally impossible for any system to be designed such that it can throw away your input.

Yet it’s 2019. Jef Raskin has lived and died. And here we are :neutral_face:

I really feel for you.


Uh oh, I’m sorry to hear about the workspace! If there were any specific Axure Cloud projects in that workspace that you need to retrieve and you happen to remember those URLs, then could you email them over to support@axure.com so that we can assist with restoring them?


Thanks god we have all the offline files, so we’ve rebuilt our workspace. Thank you and JonB for your replies.


I’m glad to hear you still had all the files locally! If you do ever happen to accidentally delete a .rp project from the Cloud and need that ID restored, then go ahead and send the deleted project URL over to support@axure.com as soon as you’re able; we’re generally able to help restore accidentally deleted projects if it was done recently (though not whole workspaces/team projects).

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