Help ,How to images Upload?

Hi people:

We want to create a prototype that upload an image site, then preview the images . We know the “File Upload” button is available with the “Field” option. But we con’t preview that.
Please help me ,thanks.

Hmm, are you trying to show just one image or simulate uploading multiple images? If you’re trying to show just one image, you could start out with an image widget that has your image set, and set it to hidden on the canvas. You could then mock up a dummy file browser and have the user choose a predefined image from there, and use that to show the image that you’ve hidden. If your hidden image widget is made into a dynamic panel with multiple states, then you can store different images in each state, and depending on which image the user selects in your dummy file browser, you can use the “Set Panel State” action to change the shown image.

Simulate Image Browse and Preview.rp (94.4 KB)

Hopefully that helps!