Help with Web Fonts

Right now i am using two fonts that are not CSS safe
Veneer and Rockwell.
Rockwell is an option with Axure, so i assumed it would be embedded but it doesnt show up on my devices. The preview is correct only for one browser which has the fonts installed.

Mostly–i dont know how to do the web font stuff…i uploaded .tff files to my personal website directory and had the generate html web font @font face url there, but it was not working. What does it mean by link css?

The thing im working on is a prototype for mobile, so the website is seperate from the project i am doing. How should i format the @font-face? How should i upload the font so that it previews right?

If you have the .ttf files, you can use a service like font squirrel (free) to generate a webfont kit, which you would download, unzip and then upload to your sever. Then use that URL in Axure by setting up a font mapping in your HTML generator. Tip: look at the *_demo.html file in your downloaded webfontkit for details and instructions on deploying and using it.

Once you have your webfont in place on your server, the steps are:

  1. Edit the HTML generator in Axure (Publish > More Generators and Configurators…) then double-click “HTML 1” or copy it to a new generator name and double-click that one.
  2. Click “Font Mappings” in the left pane
  3. Click the red plus-sign (“Add”)
  4. Select your local font from the droplist and then enter a name in the font-family field. Copy this string.
  5. Click “Web Fonts” in the left pane
  6. Click the red plus-sign (“Add”)
  7. Paste your font-family string in the Name: field. (This string must match your font-family string!)
  8. Keep the “Link to .css file” option
  9. Enter the URL for the “stylesheet.css” file that you posted to your server (cut & paste recommended)
  10. Click Generate (or Close)

…any device using your prototype must have an internet connection and access to your server
…in general, IIS servers don’t play well with iOS for webfonts
…This method works for publishing to Axure Share as well
…When you generate your prototype HTML just be sure to select the proper HTML generator if you created a new one just for these webfonts.
…You can import this generator to other Axure .rp or .rpprj files using “File > Import…”

Here is the Axure reference for using webfonts:

You can also search “webfont” on this forum for further troubleshooting help.

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