Hexadecimal value 0x10 is an invalid character

Going to Publish > Word Publish and getting this error:

Cannot seem to figure out what the character is that isn’t accepted. Any ideas?

It’s a LF (line feed) character, usually used by Linux (and similar OSes) for new lines.

aanderson did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same issue. Looking for a solution.

Can you elaborate a bit more. Couldn’t understand it. :((

@cwieland225 did you resolved this issue ? I am facing the same issue :frowning:

Hi All - here was the solve from Axure support:

“most likely there is a special character included in some of your widget names that is causing the Word Specification to throw this error upon generation. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to resolve this issue is to rename or delete the widgets that contain the character. Keep in mind the character may not explicitly show up so locating the character may be a trial and error process of deleting widgets and attempting to generate the Word Specification.”

And that’s exactly what I had to do - go through the widgets and make sure there wasn’t a leading space (or some other special character) in the fields. It was tedious but couldn’t figure out an easier way.

I don’t have Axure open in front of me now so I can’t verify, but it might be possible to add that character to your clipboard then paste it into Axure’s find and replace feature and globally replace the offending character with nothing to remove it. It depends if the text input for find and replace in Axure will accept that character or try to strip it out.