Hi All, I need help :'

I’m working for my assignment and I’d like to involve accordion table on “frequently asked questions” menu. But without doing it with dynamic panel. And there can only be one answer shown. I’m having difficulty on making it one answer only to be shown. Please help me, guys :’

test.rp (62.3 KB)

The main problem you seem to be having is a common one when trying to animate an element in multiple ways at the same time in Axure. In your example you are moving items down (with a push) at the same time as you are moving some of the same items up (with a pull). I’m sure Axure’s behaviour makes total sense to Axure, but it’s not what you want. :wink:

First things first, can you wait for the first animation to finish (either the push or the pull - your choice) before you fire the other animation (the pull or the push)? That’s the simplest solution.

If the animations HAVE to be simultaneous, then some more complicated logic is required to work out exactly which elements need to move in each case, and then move them explicitly with MOVE commands. (Although someone else might have a more elegant suggestion?)

Ah! Got it. It did have problem when I was trying to add animation. But it worked fine in condition without any animation and used same logic I’ve used. :confused:

Anyway, thanks pal!

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