Hidden Items Not Showing In Inspect Mode


Hello All,

My developers are having an issues with viewing specs for widgets that show only on click like menus. Does anyone know of a fix, or do I have to place hidden items on a new page?




If you preview the prototype, open the hidden menu you want to inspect, and then toggle over to inspect mode, it should be there.

NB: This doesn’t work if it’s something that hides itself when the cursor leaves its area—not only will it be (nearly) impossible to click ‘inspect’, but even in inspect mode, any flyouts that were open will hide themselves.


Hi Ishillman,

That’s what I thought. So flyouts need to be shown on another page.
Thank you for your help,



I don’t use the Inspection mode myself much but I’ll say people working downstream of me have found it enormously helpful to have a library of “hidden” things like flyouts, popovers and overlays on one page somewhere to refer to without having to click things.

Though it can grow to be a pain to maintain over time, on larger (or long term) projects it ends up being a library of prototypical examples (or splits off into a bunch of sub libraries)


Hi Bamorris,

Yeah, I have moved all my hidden items to a new page called “Hidden Items” in the prototype. Seems to work for the devs.

Thanks for your input,