"Hide browser nav” Axshare function Is not working correctly on new iOS 13.1.2

Hi all, I’ve recently updated my iPhoneX software to current iOS 13.1.2 and now my Axshare mobile app prototype displays an unwanted new navbar at the top of the window, even though I have opted to “Hide browser nav (when launched from iOS home screen)” when publishing my HTML files.

I require my mobile prototype to occupy the full viewport area, like a native app. (as it did before the update)

Anyone’s insights or ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks y’all

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I have the very same issue but can’t seem to find a solution. Tapping “Done” as shown in your screenshot above dos remove the bar, but, also resets prototype to page 1. Will continue to look for answers and/or workarounds.

Good luck,