Hide 'deceptive content' axure alert message



When viewing a prototype link for the first time you get a message " Message from Axure

Axure strives to provide an easy and secure way to share ideas and prototypes. If you see content that may be deceptive, please click here to report it.
In user testing, this could be off-putting.

Is there any way to disable this message from displaying?


Hi @richardstelmach,

The best way to prevent this banner from appearing is to password protect your prototype. You can find this setting by logging into app.axure.cloud, navigating to your project’s workspace, and setting an Access Code through the Share dialog:

For security purposes, this banner appears when:

  1. The first page loaded contains a link to an external URL.
  2. The project does not have an Access Code established.
  3. The Axure account used to publish the project has not owned or currently owns/is assigned a license.
  4. The banner has not previously been acknowledged by the user in their browser (via clicking on the report link or clicking the OK button).

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!


Thanks, it would be nice to be able to disable this feature as most prototypes I wouldn’t normally set a password, for ease of experience in the usability test.


Hi @richardstelmach,

Makes sense! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll let our product team know you’d like the option to disable the banner.