Hide iOS status bar?

Is there a way to completely hide the iOS status bar from within the AxShare app? We include our status bar in our designs since we have imagery that goes behind it, which means we end up with the status bar doubled up in the AxShare app.

Note, I’m not trying to change the color or anything of the status bar, I want to remove it completely so our comps can be flush with the top of the screen.

Thanks for any help!

Hi michaelhisten,
@Nathan posted a relevant solution, you find it in the following thread.
IOS status bar?


Thanks Vikram, but it looks like that’s just to change the color of the bar, not remove it. Unless I’m missing something?

Hi michaelhisten,
Sorry I don’t have ios devices.So, I can’t check. Please try this below steps and let me know.

Publish > Generate HTML Files… > Mobile/Device.
Check checkbox Hide browser nav

Step 1: You’ll have to create an AxShare plugin that adds the <meta> tag to <head>

<meta name=“apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=“yes” />

Step 2: Open your site with Safari on iPhone, and use the bookmark feature to add your site to the home screen.
Step 3: Go back to home screen and open the bookmarked site. The URL and status bar will be gone.

Note: As long as you only need to work with the iPhone, you should be fine with this solution.


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Also, if you’re using the Axure Share mobile app, there’s an option for each prototype to hide the browser bar. Here’s a link to some documentation and a screenshot:

Axure Share Mobile App



Thank you guys! Both solutions worked, from either the app or the browser. Much appreciated.

There is a lot of good information here! thanks for it.

I am struggling with something related to this issue. I have saved the axshare url through Safari on my screen on the iPhone. Now I want to open this full screen. I have tried the things mentioned, but it is not removing the status bar. The content in my screens is always appearing below the status bar when I open the link through the icon created. I have refreshed/resaved it too.

I am not opening this through Axshare app. That is not my requirement. It will be awesome if I can open it through an icon (which is working), and without having the iOS Status Bar on the top. Even with black-translucent, it is there because the screen content starts below it.

Please help if this is possible. I am sorry if I am asking for something which is not possible at all.

Hmm, there’s a setting to hide the browser nav in “Publish > Generate HTML > Mobile/Device”, but there isn’t one to hide the status bar when viewing the prototype in your mobile browser or when launching from the home screen. The closest I can get with the built-in settings is setting the status bar to black-translucent, which seems to put the top of the prototype underneath the status bar (so the prototype is full screen, but the status bar icons are still visible on top of it). My recommendation would be to use the Axure Share app to disable the status bar, but I’ll also go ahead and file a feature request to be able to hide the status bar in the HTML generator settings as well.

Thanks for the reply Alyssa. Makes sense. I will request for the feature. :slight_smile:

I am using a workaround. I just added a fake home screen as the first screen. :smile: So, now to simulate ‘opening an app from the home screen’ interaction I am running the prototype in the Axure Share app.