Hide Notes doesn't apply to pop-ups

When previewing my page mockups, I can turn off/on the display of hide widget notes however, on pop-ups, I have no way of turning off the display of widget notes.

I am using Axure RP v8.0.0.3308

Hi nycscaba, is this Onscreen Footnotes are Not Permanently Hidden the same problem?


It is a related but different problem. In my case, notes remain hidden on the main page (if turned-off) but remain visible on pop-ups. Definitely a different problem.


When you say popup, are you referring to opening a link to a page in a popup window? The ability to hide notes in the browser relies on having the prototype sidebar available to toggle that option for the currently opened window; the popup isn’t the same window, so the note toggle from the main page doesn’t apply (the behavior appears to be the same in both Axure RP 8 and 9).

When the note visibility is toggled in the prototype sidebar, it updates the URL of the prototype to include “&fn=0”, which means footnotes are off. If you want the popup window to open with footnotes turned off, then you can publish your prototype, turn off footnotes, and copy the URL; you can then paste that modified URL into the “Link to an external URL or file” field for your “Open Link in Popup Window” action so that the footnote-less URL is the one opened in the popup.

I would assume that your suggestion is a work-around. Why is it that a setting that affects the page cannot be carried over onto a pop-up opened from the main page?

As you can see from the attached screenshots, the first one has the notes turned on both on the page and the pop-up lunched from the page.

The second screenshot should not display the notes in the pop-up since notes are turned off on the page from which the pop-up was launched.


I see what you mean. The state of footnote visibility (along with sidebar visibility/state) depends on the configuration of the prototype URL. When you view a prototype in a browser tab and toggle footnotes, that changes the URL and that change is applied to all pages of that prototype that are viewed within the same browser tab (e.g. toggle footnotes and switch pages via the sidebar). When you open a popup window, however, that window is separate than the tab that you’re currently viewing; additionally, when if you open a direct link to a page in the prototype using “Open Link to [[PageName]]” the format of the link that is opened is for the page without the sidebar, which doesn’t include information about footnote visibility. This is why if you hide footnotes in a tab and open a popup, the footnotes in that popup show. The same occurs if you turn off footnotes in one tab and open a link to a page in another tab; the new tab opens with the format prototypeurl/pagename.html, which has the sidebar hidden and no information about footnote visibility, so footnotes in the new tab would be turned on.

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