Hide playbar / video controls of vimeo inline frame target

Hey Guys,
does anyone know how i can hide the “playbar” /controlbar of the standard video?

There are ways to control this in Vimeo and when specifying an embedded video object pointing to a Vimeo stream. If this is your video and you have a Vimeo Plus account, there is a toggle to turn on/off the player controls and other things. Easy --but you have to pay for it. I see that recently they’ve made this super easy from the Manage Videos page.

From Axure alone, there’s not much you can do because Vimeo serves the video and player, including controls. If you don’t mind cutting off the bottom portion of the video, you could place the “video container”, e.g., an inline frame widget, inside a dynamic panel, then decrease the height of the dynamic panel enough to hide the player controls.

For prototypes, I prefer hosting videos on other sites, like archive.org and use the browser’s built-in HTML5 player, which can easily be customized. To hide the playbar controls, just omit “controls” from the <video> tag. This is a good reference site for HTML5 video:

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Ty. How do you host this https://archive.org/details/ar-burpee-rendered then in Axure?

The archive.org site is completely separate from Axure. Because Axure Cloud doesn’t host separate files like video, audio, etc., a separate hosting site/service needs to be used. Vimeo is one, YouTube another, archive.org yet another. Could also use Google Drive as you’ve shown. In Axure, the methods and code wouldn’t differ, just the URL. The difference is how the hosting site serves the video: Is a custom player included/required; or does it simply serve a stream (and/or background download) and let the browser supply a player? Lots of tradeoffs and things to consider: Will all your users have access to the video site/stream? Do you have rights to use the video? Security needed? Confidentiality? How much control of the video experience do you need? Multiple platforms/devices–and do they need to look and behave the same or different? Etc.

See the demo file in this recent thread for several methods to show videos in Axure, each with examples of videos found on the archive.org site.

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It’s also okay if all users can press play to show the video. I just need to get it in the shape of the inline frame.