Hide/Show dynamic panel state at will

Hello everyone,

Here is a problem I am trying to solve:
I am trying to allow the user to control the number of panel states on a dynamic panel. The issue I am running into is that it leaves a blank space (from the last state) once I hide the chosen state then pull the next item. My guess is that the hide/show/pull only hides/pull the item inside the state, but does not remove the state itself. I do need it to be able to wrap around so I assume it would have to be a dynamic panel.

Thank you!


Is each of the panel states the same or alike? In this case you could use a repeater instead of a dynamic panel. And you could reduce the number of items displayed per page to one and mimic the behavior of a dynamic panel this way.
It is quite easy to let the user manipulate the repeater items.

I did use a repeater before but I couldn’t figure out how to populate one repeater from another repeater. Or is there a way to have a centralized dataset that can populate multiple repeaters at a time? I will also need to get inputs from on repeater and then display it in another repeater.
Basically the project I am working on is a rating system for employees with the following functionalities: a carousel to display working employee badges (this is where the rating will happen),results page to count the ratings received, employee schedule to control which badges are displayed.
I am still exploring “easier” ways to do it while learning more about repeaters.

Hi Ram,

It sounds like you’d like the widgets within your dynamic panel states to push/pull other widgets outside of the dynamic panel itself–is this right?

Since push/pull interactions in a dynamic panel will only affect the widgets within that same panel state, you’ll need to use a workaround for this that involves hiding the outer dynamic panel, triggering the push/pull interaction inside the panel, and then showing the panel again. Hiding the dynamic panel allows the the panel to adjust its size to fit the state of the content within it, and then showing the panel again will push/pull the widgets outside of the panel according to this new size. If you’re interested, Jane’s forum post discusses this workaround in a little more detail:

If this wasn’t quite what you were looking to do, would you be able to post a copy of the RP file you’re working with, or maybe an example file? If you’d prefer not to post your file here, you can always send it to us in an email to support@axure.com!

Thank you Simon. I look up the solution you gave me but I am having a hard time understanding it for now. I am going to try an alternative for now and just display an away “message”.

One question I do have however if it is possible to target a widget that can display text (in my case a label or headings) by a variable.
eg: Set text on [[X]] equal to “[[Y+1]]”

my goal is to be able to change X each time a particular case changes.

Hi Ramarolahy,

Sure thing–if you do decide to explore how the push/pull workaround could be incorporated into your prototype, feel free to email in your file and we’ll be able to assist you with that.

There isn’t a native way to store widget references in global variables, but it looks like josephxbrick suggested a JavaScript solution for this in your original forum post:

I’ll also go ahead and file a feature request for this ability!