Hiding Scrollbars - Mobile Prototype



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Prototype will not scroll if scrollbars are set to “None”. When I show the
vertical scroll bar, it will scroll.

Can’t seem to get this working. I noticed that in Axure’s scrolling examples
the groups had the option to “Fit to Content”. My groups do not have that option
and I wonder if that;'s the problem.

Thank you very much.


Group content doesn’t have ‘Fit to Content’ option.
You have to convert dynamic panel.I hope this will help you.



Exactly the scrollbars will be active if it is set to None, If you do set Vertical Scroll then the content inside the dynamic panel need to longer than the dynamic panel size itself.


Too late for OP but I was able to get this to work with a little javascript insertion via an Open Link on Page Load.

javascript: $("head").append('<style>[data-label="hiddenScrollbar"]::-webkit-scrollbar{display:none;}</style>'); void(0);

Once you have that in place the only thing you need to do is create a dynamic panel with scrolling and then name the state of that panel hiddenScrollbar. Technically you can name it whatever you want but it should be unique and you will need to adjust the above javascript to match. The above only works on Chrome as far as I’m aware but you could add the additional CSS for other browsers, if needed. Cheers!