Highlighting selected row in Repeater solution



This should be part of repeaters best practices. Well done, Gregor!


This works but it’s very slow when applying this concept to an OnMouseHover event. It takes like a full second to apply the highlight to the row. Any idea why it’s so slow??


Hi metalhaze,

The “OnMouseHover” event in particular will trigger after the mouse cursor hovers over a widget for one second, which is why you’re seeing a slight delay. For a more immediate response, you can try using a combination of “OnMouseEnter” and “OnMouseOut” events.

If you’re interested, you can see a full list of Axure RP’s events and how they’re triggered [here] (https://www.axure.com/support/reference/interactions#events_list). I hope this helps!


OMG thank you so much!!! This is perfect! Thanks again!


Thank you! This is great. I followed your instructions and the highlight in my repeater works very nicely.

Maybe someone knows a solution for this:
I am occuring the following problem:
First I click row 1 and it’s highlighted. Then I click row 2. Now only row 2 is highlighted, there is no highlight on row 1 anymore like it should be. But if I then click a button which “Delete rows marked from repeater” row 2 and row 1 are deleted. This happens to all rows which I have marked before. So is selected and marked not the same?

thank you in advance for your help



In your project it sounds like only one row should be marked and highlighted at a time (as opposed to allowing multiple rows highlighted at the same time). In terms of interactions, It should be possible to create that effect with just a Set Selected action on the widget of the repeater item; also assign a Selection Group to the widget, and uncheck “Isolate Selection Groups” for the repeater.

Nonetheless, a marked state doesn’t have an assignable visual style like how you see with a selected state. That may be the pertinent difference to keep in mind. If you want to unmark a row, you’ll want to do so interactively via an Unmark Row action.

Hopefully that helps clarify for your project. And in case it helps with more ideas, feel free to attach a copy of your RP file for us to review.


I have kind of the same problem.

I have a table with people in it. Only one row can be selected at a time.

However, when I select a row (you select it, via a button in the repeater per row) the selected row gets highlighted based on the settings of ‘Selected’ in the Interaction Style. This is wanted behavior.

However, when I don’t explicitly unselect a row via the button, but I select another row via THAT button, the previous row still gets visually selected. Somehow the Interaction Style doesn’t take in account an unselection via a button of a different row. All the fields in the repeater, including the button have their own selection group, so no rows can get marked multiple times.

I write the selected row to a variable, and that variable also contains just one value, so it’s only the visual style of the rows that’s bugging.

Here is my demo: https://yq7j1x.axshare.com/#g=1&p=koppelpagina

Click on the ‘Kies vrijwilliger’ button, and the popup will show up. Try to select a row via the button on the right of every row, and unselect it by selecting a button of another row.

BOOM! Somehow the previous row doesn’t go to the visual unselected state anymore.


Hi MsG,

Thanks for sharing the URL! As a first step, could you try de-selecting the “Isolate Selection Groups” checkbox in the Properties tab for the repeater? This should ensure that your selection group/s in the repeater work as you would expect.

If that doesn’t help, could you post your .rp file here so that I could take a closer look?


Thank you for this fantastic workaround.
Any ideas if this has been incorporated in Axure 9?