Horizontal image slider on touch (app)


I’m new to axure. I am trying to create an image/content slider exactly like this one: https://makeagif.com/gif/slider-m_gQb3 . When you touch the screen and slide your finger to the left side the image also moves to the left. Anyone any idea how I can establish this?

I saw this example: How to make touch-controlled horizontal scroll bar on mobile . But this was established by using an external scrollbar. I am looking for one without an external scrollbar.

You can use the same logic as the sample you found - just put the ondrag logic on the nested dynamic panel instead of on the scrollbar widget. See attached.

Drag Horizontal Scroller.rp (50.7 KB)

Because this is such a small area to drag a relatively wide content panel, I made the left/right movement double the amount of the drag. You may want to increase that a bit more depending on your needs. Also, i couldn’t tell if you wanted to make it snap to a certain location. If so, you’ll need to put some onDrop events that evaluate the position of the nested dynamic panel and snap it to a certain location. Let me know if you want an example of that.

Thank you very much!