Horizontal scrollbar position

I’m trying to make scrollable horizontal content, it quite easy in Axure if you decide to scroll from left to right, but I need to reverse that order and make my component to scroll from right to left, could I change it in Axure some way?

Answer: Set horizontal scroll position of dynamic panel

Yes, you can move content left-to-right and right-to-left, and you can allow the user to scroll horizontally in either direction as well. In general, if you are moving widgets to the right, you increase the x-position value, and to move to the left, you decrease the x-position value. For example, “Move MyWidget by 15 px” or “Move MyWidget by -15 px”.

To provide an affordance for the user to scroll left or right, the easiest way is to place your content in a dynamic panel, resize the dynamic panel to your desired “frame size” and then set the dynamic panel’s scrollbars to either “Scroll as Needed” or “Scroll Horizontally” (right-click the dynamic panel to bring up the context menu and select, “Scrollbars”.

If you are providing a way for the user to drag on a dynamic panel to scroll its contents, and you want to reverse the direction, you can use the value, [[-DragX]] which is a built-in variable (you can find this by clicking on the little “fx” button in the x-value field of an interaction details, then clicking "Insert Variable or Function…, then opening the “Cursor” values (or search for “drag”.

If you can post your .rp file, it will be much easier for forum users to demonstrate and provide specific soutions for you.

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Thank you, I’ve already figured it out, the best way is to scroll “on page load” to chosen UI element and it will scroll the container on the load.