Host source .rp file on a local server



we are using axure 9 team.
we want to host the source .rp file on a local server like a svn or a ftp.

as i can see, in axure 9 team it is just possible with axure enterprise. i am right?



To clarify, is the file that you’re trying to host a regular .rp file or a team project (.rpteam) file? If you want to publish your prototype to a local, non-Axure Cloud server so that users can view and test the prototype, then you can generate local HTML for your prototype and publish that to your own server via FTP if you wish.

If you’re working with a team project file and want to host the team repository, then the only hosting location available for team projects in Axure RP 9 is the Axure Cloud; SVN functionality has been deprecated in the latest release. If the public Axure Cloud at isn’t usable for you, then there’s also Axure Cloud for Business, which includes both a private instance of Axure Cloud hosted on our servers as well as an on-premises version where you host your own instance on your own servers.


i requested yesterday and today more information about axure enterprise.
But until now i did not get any e-mail.



Thank you for the heads up! I’ve checked with our sales team and it looks like your original requests didn’t come through, but I’ve been advised that they’ll be reaching out to you directly to discuss your queries. Thank you!

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