Hot Spot to make text BOLD when hover over

Is there a way to put a hotspot over text and TRIGGER a “MouseEnter” (hover over) case where the text underneath it becomes BOLD?

I know it can be done directly hovering over the text through “Interaction Styles” but I need the hotspot because there are other graphical elements contained within that interaction.

Is there a “action” that can trigger “MouseEnter” to make a body of text turn bold?

You can group the elements and then apply actions (like OnClick event) to the group instead of individual elements. You can then also apply interaction styles and have the group itself trigger the events by right clicking it and choosing that option from the menu.

I’m not exactly clear about what you need to achieve but you can use a hotspot to modify text on another widget. The logic would be, roughly:

OnMouseEnter (hotspot), set text on (text widget), to rich text: [[Target.text]]
OnMouseOut (hotspot), set text on (text widget), to rich text: [[Target.text]]

It’s a pretty cumbersome way to do it, but it is possible.

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