Hotspot vs. Shape mouseover properties/style


this might the dummest question ever asked :wink: but

when I´m placing a hotspot over a shape and this shape has its own properties set for mouseover (font becomes bolded and outline thickens) these are not being respected in generated html. I tried to push the hotspot to the back but then the hotspot interaction cease to work.

Thanks for any kind of workaround guys!



Instead of using a hotspot, put the objects in a dynamic panel (you only need 1 state). You’d put your OnClick code on the panel itself instead of on the hotspot you are no longer using. IMPORTANT: be sure to turn on the Dynamic Panel property “Trigger Mouse Interactions.” (You can access it in right-click or in the Properties panel.)

Turning this property on activates all mouseover states of all objects inside of the dynamic panel when the dynamic panel is moused-over.


Excellent! I just fighted an hour with hotspot and box… Problem was that they should both have been in front to work (selection & style). With a dynamic panel solution was easy. :slight_smile:

Another simple and light workaround is to push the hotspot to the back, then group your shape with the hotspot and, finally, remove the script from the hotspot and put it on the group.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: